#207 Church of Panagia in Kommeno


Kommeno of Arta is a small village on the edge of the Ambracian bordered by the Municipal section of Arahthos, and it is an historic seat of the new municipality of Skoufas. At the entrance of the village we find a beautiful stone church dedicated to the Assumption.

Construction Data

It's all built with stone that was carried by Kommeno's citizens by the mountains using mules. The old bell is located at the stone steeple.


Historical Data

Additional information of historical, cultural and tourism interest

On the one hand the traditional Byzantine monuments, the great stone structures, castle, churches. On the other, places full of trees and chestnut trees, canyons, rugged and wild slopes, fertile plains, wetland exceptional value, compose the mosaic of this wonderful region of Epirus. Strolling in the City Skoufas from the northern to the southern and the eastern to the western end one will get in touch with the rich natural, historical and cultural heritage.

In the northern and mountainous part, dominated by Peta,one can find the traditional Square, the Church of Saint George, the Monument of Philellinon the Monastery of Virgin Mary, the Folklore Museum of the beautiful Lake Pournariou.Of rare beauty is also the village of St. Dimitrios with the beautiful square, the traditional Neochoraki with stone houses and the picturesque Amphithea Megarchi.

In the center of the municipalityone can locate Kompoti, which is rich in attractions. The Statue of Nicholas Skoufas the Turkish Outposts (coolies), Port and Environmental Center Koprena, the Old Church of St George and the Holy Dormition Monastery are some of them.

East of the municipality one finds the beautiful Photino, while the south-southwestern part of the municipality that is crossed by Arachtos, there are many scattered rural settlements.

These are just some of the many places you can visit in the historic City of South Skoufa.

Apart from the points of interest and cultural-historical-cultural and natural interest, the visitor will be able to take advantage of the impressive, huge, mountains, which surround the area, and the crystal clear rushing rivers, in the context of alternative tourism. Focusing on Tzumerka , Arachtos, the Amvrakiko, a wide range of choices unfold in front of all interested parties.

Such choices are the water routes and Canoe Cayak Rafting, the pond holly of Pournari, Neochori in the municipality Arahthos and Arachtos respectively. Other activities, such as horse riding, cycling, climbing routes, hiking trails, hand gliding, paragliding, and participation in health tourism visitor (Spas Chanopoulo) and numerous local traditions and customs (festivals, celebrations, etc.), complete the range of activities of alternative tourism, offering new experiences in the nature, as disclosed in its most primitive form.