The Regional Association of Epirus Municipalities is involved as Lead Partner, with the Italian Carpignano Salentino and Zollino in the implementation of the Act «STONE AND TRADITION» under the European Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece - Italy 2007-2013.



The Areas of Intervention of the Act have a rich cultural heritage in traditional stone structures, such as bridges and settlements. In recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in the preservation of traditional monuments both in Epirus and Puglia, because of the potential benefits from the influx of tourism. The Act resulted from the collaboration of Partners together, when they realized the need to find funding for an idea that for the first time will realize the full potential of cultural historic stone structures and to maximize the benefits through cross-border cooperation.

The Carpignano - Salentino is located in Grecia Salentina. Grecia Salentina is the area, which is defined by the presence of the Greek speaking (Griko) population of the peninsula of Salento in southern Italy, near the town of Lecce. It consists of nine cities and belongs to the province of Lecce. In the Municipality of Carpignano Salentino are found historic stone structures and medieval monuments, such as Byzantine churches (Santa Caterina - the second largest church in Italy, made ​​of stone).

Zollino is also located in Grecia Salentina. It is a community, whose main feature the traditional stone buildings (typical of all Greek-speaking communities of Grecia Salentina). The participants in the Act reasonably expect its successful implementation, which will positively impact on the economic and cultural regeneration of the communities of Grecia Salentina, causing a new interest in the stone structures.