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Ioannina, 02.04.2014

            The Regional Union of Municipalities of Epirus (PED Epirus) invites you to a two-day festival with the theme of: “The culture of stone in Epirus”, which is organized in the context of the implementation of the European Territorial Cooperation Programme "Greece-Italy 2007-2013".

The festival will take place on Friday the 4th and Saturday the 5th of April, 2014, in the "Hall of Literature and Art Dimitrios Hatzis" at the University Campus of Ioannina.

The program of the Festival includes songs for the stone by the polyphonic band "Oinoro", song selection from the tradition of stone by Dance Group of the Association of Zagorians of Ioannina, folk traditional and visual games from the theatrical game group of the Center for Creative Undertaking "RODA" of the Municipality of Ioannina, round discussion tables on "From the art of the stonemason to contemporary creation" and "The Legacy of the stone as a lever for tourism development and employment", construction of dry stone constructions by stone craftsmen as well as other events.

The purpose of the festival, but also of the actions of the Project in general, is the preservation and promotion of the craft of the stonemasons, enhancing cross-border cooperation and cross-border exchanges, as well as the increase in visiting traffic in the area. It also looks forward to the exchange of technical methods for improving and disseminating a traditional art such as the processing and carving of the stone which is lost over the years.