Festival on the subject: “The culture of the stone in Epirus”

The Regional Association of Epirus Municipalities (PED of Epirus) organized a two-day festival on the subject: “The culture of the stone in Epirus”, as part of the project entitled “Stone and Tradition” of the European Territorial Cooperation Programme “GREECE - ITALY 2007-2013”. The festival was held on Friday 4th and Saturday, April 5th, 2014, in the “Hall of Speech and Art Dimitrios Hatzis” on the University campus of Ioannina.

The Festival program included, among others, songs about the stone by the Polyphonic Group “Inoro”, a selection of songs from the tradition of stone by the dance group of the Association of Zagori of Ioannina, popular traditional and visual games by the theater group from the Center for Creative Activities “RODA” of Ioannina, round tables with a discussion on “From the art of the stonemason to the contemporary creation” and “The Legacy of Stone as a driver of tourism growth and employment”, construction of dry stone constructions by stone craftsmen, and other events.

The aim of the festival, but also of the actions of the Project in general, was the preservation and promotion of the art of stone masons, the strengthening of the cross-border cooperation and exchanges, and the increasing of the visitation in the area. The aim was, also, to exchange techniques for the improvement and dissemination of a traditional art, such as the one of machining and carving of the stone, which is lost with the passage of time.


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