Thematic Festival on "The Culture of Stone in Epirus"

On 4 and 5 April 2014 under the Project "Stone and Trandition" of the Cross-border European Territorial Cooperation Programme Greece - Italy 2007-2013, a two-day Thematic Festival was organized by the PED Epirus on "The Culture of Stone in Epirus". The festival took place in the hall of Literature and Art "Dimitrios Hatzis" University and was attended by all operators associated with the local government, architecture, art, the control and coordination services of architecture, education etc.

The Festival was preceded by a press conference by the representative of PEDE Mr. Papadiotis in the offices of PEDE, while throughout its duration, stone craftsmen built dry stone constructions, the presentation of which was made by Mr. George Smyris.

Day 1 (Friday, April 4, 2014)

The event began with a welcome and greeting of the attendees from Ms. Ioannou Athena, a representative of PEDE, followed by a brief presentation of the project Stone and Tradition.
Then, Mr. Thanasis Zigouris, Architect, made a short speech entitled "The stone architecture heritage in Epirus", while later Mr. Angel Costaras presented and showed the documentary film "Epirus through the work of Theodoros Papayannis" which attracted the interest of participants.

After the short break with coffee, refreshments and light dishes that followed, the Polyphonic Group "OENORO" presented a sample of a remarkable collection of songs from the Greek tradition, while the first day of the festival ended with a half-hour program of the Dance Group of the Association of the Zagorians of Ioannina, who presented dance songs from the region.

2nd day (Friday, April 4, 2014)

The second day of the festival began with a remarkable effort of the theatrical game group of the Center for Creative Occupation 'RODA' of the Municipality of Ioannina and children presenting small traditional tales in a theatrical way.
A break with coffee, refreshments and light meals followed, while later the round table gathering followed with two thematic presentations, namely: "From the Craft of the stonemason to the contemporary creation" and "The Legacy of the stone as leverage for the tourism development and employment", which was attended by Messrs. Smyris, Pangratiou, Papayannis, Merantzas, Tziovas, Papailias.

The interest of the public, who actively participated in the discussion with questions, interventions and placements, was apparent throughout the duration of the debate. The end the debate marked the conclusion of the events of the Festival.


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